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Highly sought-after, skilled contractors within your reach.

Your projects completed—on schedule and on budget. 

If you’re looking for technical resources to seamlessly deliver your next project on a short-term basis, then look no further. With our global network of experienced and qualified contractors, we’re the preferred providers of engineering support services for manufacturers across North America – everything from automotive to aerospace, oil & gas to heavy machinery.   

The best of the best.  

Evolve’s contracted technical resources come with thousands of hours of field experience as contractors for industry-leading companies, verified degrees and certifications within their area of specialty, and the deep understanding of the expectations of contractors.  

Our contractors come from various backgrounds: 

  • Manufacturing engineers 

  • Controls engineers 

  • Electrical engineers 

  • Mechanical engineers 

  • AutoCAD designers 

  • Installation specialists 

  • Facility engineers 

  • Project managers 



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A global team that's invested in your success.

Evolve is a global business advisory firm that works alongside our clients to Change, Transform, and Grow their business.


Our focus areas include brand acceleration, international market penetration, organizational change, mergers and acquisitions, start-up incubation and contracted technical resources.

With operations in Canada, United States, Mexico, UAE, UK, and China, Evolve delivers global expansion and limitless success to our clients. Our unique business model keeps us heavily invested in clients' success and we deliver results, guaranteed.


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